Of course hearing the women herself was going to be in a few hours reach of us was an invitation that our favourite sisters could not refuse! On the 26th June the girls stepped on the plane and headed for Paris.

As Paris Hilton was the face of this huge worldwide Boohoo campaign they were invited to join her along with many other A-list guests to celebrate Paris’ success in the luxury Hotel Le Marios in Paris. Paris rocked up with her shades on and ready to party as she performed her own DJ set getting the crowd going! Surrounded by pink balloons and friendly faces Ellie and Daisey partied all night long with the Tantot sisters singing along as noughties rapper Ja Rule performed all his golden oldies.

Finally, let’s not forget the highlight of the night for the O’Dolls, meeting Paris herself and getting that perfect insta snap. Of course they’re all looking like the sass queens they are!

What a night to remember.